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August Week 32 2015

This was a hard week for Michael. It started with several days of technical difficulties interfering with some sort of pressing work thing (he tries to explain these things to me in greater detail, but I'm a little slow to pick them up). As far as I can tell, his computer was having trouble converting a movie to another type of file (?), a process that takes between 10 and 15 hours. After a few days of failure, Saturday morning I awoke to Michael practically jumping for joy over the success of these file conversions. Sadly, that morning Michael’s computer turned off and hasn’t been able to start since. Our hopes are high, though, that the computer repair shop will be able to bring it back to life. Because of all the delays, Michael ended up needing to drive to Matakana on Sunday morning. I went with him and after the work stuff we had a nice brunch and a bit of time to explore the surrounding area. We actually did quite a bit of exploring this week. Even though Michael worked both Saturday and Sunday night, he’s a saint and agreed to drive to the west coast of Auckland on Saturday morning where we took in some pretty spectacular views.

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