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September Week 37 2015

Second consecutive week of break! Although that’s not entirely accurate since I had a meeting with my advisor on Monday. Michael spent most of his free time this week preparing for the third annual Choice City Film Festival! He definitely wishes he could have been there but his partner, Maya, took up the slack.

Mid week we got an email from our landlord asking if he could do the annual apartment check up on Friday, giving us the push we needed to do some spring cleaning. Even though having a small apartment means it gets messy easily, it also means that we can thoroughly clean the entire place in about an hour and a half.

A few months ago I first became aware of the weekly French Market that takes place in Parnell, and this weekend I finally got there! It really is an amazing market; much better than the regular farmers market. I also started brewing my own Kombucha this weekend, so if anyone has tips, send them my way! The only other event of note happened on Sunday evening. Michael was at work and the space heater (it still gets cold in our apartment!) randomly turned off. I figured maybe it needed a break, so I turned it all the way off. After about five minutes, I went to move it and it started loudly sparking and smoking until it caught on fire. All I can say is thank God I’m good under pressure because if I hadn’t quickly unplugged it and thrown it outside, who knows what might have happened.

P.S. I completely forgot about bringing my camera with me this week so this picture from my balcony taken Sunday night will have to do.

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