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June Week 79 2016

This week was more eventful than most! Unfortunately with the most recent terrorist attack in Istanbul, the NZ government is telling people not to go so we ended up changing our travel plans. I feel really torn about deciding not to go, but we thought it best to follow the government recommendation. Hopefully we’ll be able to get there someday and enjoy all of the amazing history. Now we're flying straight to Paris with one stop in Shanghai (28 straight hours of travel right there). Luckily Air New Zealand is pretty awesome and totally helped me out even though it took over an hour to get everything sorted.

This week I also found out that I’ll be working at another yoga studio come August so I’m very excited about that! Saturday night our entire flat (about 20 people) had a “wintermas” party. There was Christmas music, mulled wine, Yorkshire pudding (everyone was shocked that Michael and I had never had it before), and even some pretty amazing decorations. Today (Sunday) on the agenda are a bunch of errands to prepare for our trip, then we head to the airport around 8:00 tonight for our 11:00 flight.

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