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January Week 2 2015

When Michael recommended that I start this blog, his idea was to keep people up to date on our lives even when we’re thousands of miles away. This is obviously a great reason all on it’s own, but I have to admit, I have selfish motivations for doing this as well. While studying photography in undergrad I took a ton of pictures, but the more entrenched I became in school projects, the rarer it was for me to pick up my camera for any reason other than to complete these projects. While deadlines can be great motivators (especially for someone who doesn’t always know what to do with her ideas), they can take away some of the magic that comes from creating something just for the sake of creating. There’s a freedom that comes with the lack of accountability.

By creating this blog, it is my hope that I will be more motivated to take photos without concern for exact due dates (I have the whole week!) or critique, and ultimately, to maintain the pure joy that photography (or any creative endevor) brings me.

This picture was taken from the balcony of our apartment during one of the most transformative sunrises I have ever seen. The phrase “golden hour” has rarely taken on such literal meaning.

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