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January Week 106 2017

Monday morning we packed up our campsite, then drove to Medlands Beach for one last swim. After, we ate lunch, then drove down to Tryphena, where our ferry picked us up. On the ferry we met up with our flat mate, Mike, who was on GBI doing one of NZ's great walks. Though we were all tired and hit a bit of rain, a giant pod of dolphins made the trip more bearable by swimming with the boat for a while. We got back to the city around 7:30 and Michael was back at work early the next morning. Because Auckland pretty much shuts down for three weeks around the holidays, I was still on a reduced teaching schedule this week.

On Friday we went to dinner at one of our fav places in Kingsland, then met up with an old flat mate for a few beers at an Irish pub (the only one nearby that’s actually open this week). Saturday we had a bit BBQ at our house, then a bunch of us went to the park across the street for a bit of (rather pathetic) cricket.

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