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December Week 104 2016

This week Michael and I were back in full force. On Wednesday, which is now a day off for me since school ended, we packed a picnic and drove to Muriwai Beach. The area’s famous for a gannet (a type of large sea bird) colony on some rocky cliff sides above the ocean. Last time we were there was the middle of winter, and unfortunately the gannets were away. On this visit however, there were hundreds of nests, nearly all of which contained fluffy little gannet chicks.

Michael worked on Christmas Eve but that evening we both went to an “orphan’s Christmas BBQ” (named by my friend/the host of the event, Gabi). We “played” hacky sack (we’re all pretty bad), hung out in the grass, ate a delicious dinner, and played card games until late into the evening. On Christmas Day we started the morning by opening some presents from home, then went for a hike with a flat mate of ours. The original plan was to hike 20 minutes to a waterfall and swim for a bit there. We did that but still had quite a bit of time before we had to be home for Christmas dinner, so we decided to go off on another trail. 3+ hours later we finally got back to our car and rushed home for a delicious dinner that had been prepared by some of our other housemates. After more card games, several rounds of dessert, and a rousing game of Cranium, I was dead tired and went to sleep for the night while Michael stayed up watching silly Christmas specials.

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