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January Week 4 2015

Oops, it happened; this post is late! Early last week Michael and I were still in Chicago where we went to The Art Institute (a la Ferris Bueller), saw The Bean, and ate deep-dish pizza. We also got the chance to see some old friends. We got back on Tuesday and had time to do normal stuff/pack until Saturday when we had our going away part at The Mainline. With a huge turn out and delicious food and drink, it was a total blast. On Sunday, we joined my family at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. That’s where I got this silly picture of some sheep (I know, you thought I took it at the party). My last week teaching at Elan has officially begun, and to top it all off Michael and I had a great date last night to celebrate our third anniversary. It’s all very exciting, but perhaps the most exciting thing to happen this week is that I finally put all of the mix CDs Michael’s made me over the years onto my iTunes (now I can listen to “Kim’s Valentine’s Day Mixaroni” any time I want)!

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