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March Week 12 2015

It turns out that I left out something pretty big last week: Michael got a job!!! He’s working at a movie theater called Matakana Cinemas. Down side: It’s in Matakana, which is about an hour north of downtown Auckland. Upsides: he only has to go in two days a week and has a ton of creative freedom (plus it gets him back into the community he loves)! He’s now in charge of marketing (i.e. their facebook page) and special events.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business. There was nothing too special about this week. I’m starting to settle in at school and getting comfortable my daily routine down; lots of walking and bus riding. Michael works on Friday, a day that I conveniently don’t have school, so I finally got a chance to explore K’rd (turns out it’s a pretty cool place) and see a truly awful movie by myself (I’ll save myself the embarrassment here and omit it’s name).

Yesterday we walked to a little park at the Britomart where there’s a huge screen set up along with some bleachers and beanbags so that anyone and everyone can come watch cricket matches. It was a good game and we won! And now I will make the most un-American statement I’ve made since my cynical high school days: Cricket is better than baseball. I only feel comfortable enough to put that in writing because I’m so many miles from the U.S. Today Michael and I went to the Holi Festival of Colors and threw colored cornstarch at strangers. It was awesome.

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