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March Week 13 2015

This week I finally got into the light studio at school! It’s huge and nice and full of awesome equipment for me to use. I also talked to the manager of the yoga studio I’ve been going to and, to make a long story short, I’m going to start covering classes there! I can’t wait to start teaching again; even the twenty-minute demo class I taught for her felt amazing.

Michael’s getting settled in at work and coming up with lots of good ideas (as always). The town that he works in (Matakana for those who don’t remember) is so cute that we decided to spend Friday and Saturday there. We saw Cinderella, ate a delicious dinner at the “pub” (seemed a little fancy to me) across the street, and went to their famous farmers market on Saturday morning. The farmers market was definitely the highlight of the weekend: lots of delicious, local food and it was right by a river (which I promptly fell into). There was even a band there! After the farmers market we drove to Brick Bay, a winery with a scenic sculpture walk. This weekend’s trip is now officially added to the list of things to do when we have guests! The week ended on a bit of a downer when New Zealand lost to Australia in the cricket world cup final. Even so, we had a fun time watching the big game, partly because people don’t seem to get as personally offended when their team loses here.

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