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April Week 14 2015

Another average, boring week, so I’ll just skip to the weekend! Good Friday is a public holiday in New Zealand and Michael only had to work for a few hours so we were able to make the five plus hour drive to Hastings. This is where my uncle, Terry and aunt, Christine live and they were kind enough to invite us over for Easter. We were also joined by some of Christine’s family, my cousin Lisa and her (now) fiancé, Karl as well as the guest of honor, their baby Jackson.

We had a big home cooked dinner when we got there on Friday and got to eat a delicious breakfast at my uncle’s café the next morning. My uncle and aunt have a large garden (or small farm) so I spent a good part of Saturday eating my weight in fresh tomatoes, berries, and pears. I also tried passion fruit for the first time at it was amazing! Easter Sunday began (as tradition dictates) with an egg hunt. After that we all went to a (huge!) farmers market and then for a hike into a beautiful redwood forest. The trees weren’t quite as big as the redwoods in northern California, but this place was still pretty spectacular. It was made even more special when Karl snuck off with Lisa and Jackson and proposed! We stopped for sparkling wine on the way home and had yet another delicious meal.

That night Michael had the idea to go see “Fast and Furious 7” (yes, that’s what it’s called here) with the kids, Darcy and Daniel. I haven’t seen one of these movies for a long time but it was every bit as action-packed as I remember. My expectations were met and the boys were stoked about it.

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