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May Week 19 2015

Moving here in February was pretty amazing weather wise. I got to brag to all of my Colorado friends and family about swimming in the ocean and wearing shorts and the sun setting at 8:30, all the while knowing full well that our roles would be reversed in due time. But guess what: that hasn’t happened yet (at least for more than a few days at a time)! This week was absolutely beautiful so we tried to take advantage of that and go out as much as possible. One of the most fun outings was going Academy to see The Sound of Music. It was supposed to be a Mother’s Day thing, but luckily mothers weren’t required for entry. This was one of my most watched movies growing up but I haven’t seen it in years and I had forgotten how good it is! To see it in a movie theater was really cool as well (it’s beautifully shot). We pretty much hung around in the city center all week and I added some more pictures of it to my facebook album, here! Michael’s been working like crazy (as per normal). He got a work phone for his job in Matakana and apparently that makes him a real adult or something. In his spare time he’s been working on stuff for Choice City Pictures, the business he co-owns with Maya! They have a sweet new web sight that you can look at here.

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