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May Week 21 2015

I had my first yoga class(es) this week! Even though I only have one regular class at the moment, I ended up subbing 3 others. It feels so good to be teaching again! I’ve also started doing work trade at another studio, Yoga Tech, that I’ll be subbing at as well. School’s been going well; I’m feeling better about my project every day. On Thursday my supervision group walked to the Auckland Art Gallery together. It’s located in an absolutely beautiful building and just on the other side of Albert Park from campus. This was also the week that my sister graduated from Poudre High School! Luckily, we were able to watch it over a live stream and cast it to our TV. Before you even ask, yes, I was sitting in our “living room” with my camera poised to catch my sister receiving her diploma. Michael was keeping an eye on the computer screen, capturing images that he eventually compiled into a hilarious, low resolution gif of Sara walking across the stage, receiving her diploma, and posing for a picture. We also got to Face Time with my whole family afterwards to watch my sister open her graduation gift from me…(drum role)…a trip to Japan with Michael and I! Since I missed her 18th birthday and high school graduation, I figured I owed her. We leave on June 8th, just two weeks from now! It will be a great escape for Michael and I as well; it’s starting to really cool down here and no where has heat so it’ll be great to visit summer.

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