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June Week 26 2015

Busy Busy week! I taught a ton of yoga this week! Apparently this is a popular time to go on holiday so lots of yoga teachers are out of town. This has been great for me since I’m trying to teach as much as possible while on break from school. Michael also worked extra this week. In order to make up for the week we were in Japan, he worked an extra shift in Matakana so he doesn’t have to use his vacation time.

In some incredible stroke of luck, Michael and I were both off all day Wednesday, which was Michael’s birthday! After a relaxing morning at home we went out for lunch followed by a movie (San Andreas). Even though it was the coldest day in Auckland in 50 years, we braved the cold for the ten minutes it took to walk to Sky City Casino. There, we quickly lost all of our money then walked across the street to the Mexico Café (Michael’s favorite) for dinner. All in all it was a pretty fun day.

Because Michael and I are zoo members we get email updates every so often. This week we were informed that the new elephant had arrived! This has been a long time coming and is apparently a very big deal. Of course we had to go meet the new elephant, so it was a zoo day on Sunday for us. Even though we only got a glimpse of her, it was a beautiful day to be there.

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