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July Week 28 2015

These days we’re pretty settled in to our routine. Michael and I both work and when we’re not at work, we’re usually at home alternating between watching TV, browsing the internet, working from home, and for me, doing school work. It’s kind of a boring existence but we still have time for fun. This week we went to a sports bar (that was surprisingly well decorated) and watched the women’s world cup final soccer match. Now, like most Americans neither of us is really into soccer, but we figured we’d better watch the final in support of our nation’s team. Usually I find soccer to be pretty boring (that can be remedied by some friends and beer), but this was no ordinary soccer game. For any of you who missed it, I’m sorry, you missed one seriously fun game.

Other than that it was a pretty boring week. Our RPG group didn’t even meet on Tuesday, so the soccer game was really the main event.

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