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August Week 33 2015

The week started with a quick bus ride to Mission Bay Beach, an extremely popular place amongst locals. Even on a Monday morning in the middle of winter there were dozens of people walking their dogs, going for runs, and hanging out in the park that runs along side the sand. That night Michael and I went to a special screening of Man From U.N.C.L.E. Now, Michael gets invited to pre-screenings all the time but this is the first one where he got to bring me and it was a blast! Free food and beverage, fun company, and giant, comfy seats. I even thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Something that I’ve come to realize about the yoga community here: it’s tight. Everyone knows everyone and many teachers work at two or three or four studios. It’s been really cool to become a part of that community, especially since Auckland (being the biggest city in NZ) has a thriving client base to drive it. Because of this, I get to do cool things sometimes, like teach private group classes and take class from some of the best teachers in the city. This weekend I got to teach a free class at Lululemon and even got Michael to come with! It’s always fun to branch out and meet new people.

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