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August Week 34 2015

Those of you who are on Facebook might have noticed a landmark in Michael’s and my relationship: the four year anniversary of our first date, which was watching Terminator 2 at the Cinema Saver in Fort Collins. Every year since then, we’ve watched at least part of that movie to celebrate the occasion on the 19 of August. This year we also both had the day (mostly) off so we went to the Auckland Museum (and this time I remembered my camera!). After that we walked to Newmarket where we ate some tasty dinner then went to the movie theater to see Amy (another good movie!). Because of all this excitement (in combination with an early morning Thursday) I slept through most of T2, but oh well, I’ve seen it before.

My school project has been moving right along and this week my advisor advised that I film at dawn. Unfortunately I can only check out the camera I’ve been using from Friday to Monday so Michael and I got up each of the three mornings I had it to drive to Mission Bay Beach to film. Now you might be saying, “how did Michael get caught up in this? Couldn’t you do it alone?” The answer to that second question is yes, but it would be really difficult and inefficient. The answer to the first question is: he’s a saint. Don’t you remember that from two weeks ago?

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