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September Week 39 2015

This week was a lot like all the others (though the weather’s starting to improve!!). Michael and I worked a lot, and I went to school and stuff. Since we arrived in New Zealand I’ve been keeping a (mostly mental) list of some things that have stuck out to me here, and this week was so much like all the other weeks that I’m going to post that list instead of boring you all with the same blog post as last week.

And the first category is: Unexpected things that are different here!

  1. We have to buy Sriracha at the America store

  2. Public transportation really is as bad as everyone says. Even though there are tons of bus routes, you just can’t count on them. Even the Link busses (consisting of three the inner city bus routes that are meant to come every 10-15 minutes) are often ten or more minutes late and sometimes just don’t show up.

  3. There are exactly zero TV shows available for purchase on iTunes.

  4. You’d be hard pressed to find turkey here; even at the deli counter.

  5. Bacon is different (i.e. worse). The kind of bacon we have in the U.S. is called “streaky bacon.”

  6. The hills. We live on a hill and plan our lives around it. Sometimes we’ll go somewhere out of convenience that’s further away than the alternative just so we won’t have to walk up the hill on our way home.

Next up: Things that why aren’t they a thing everywhere?

  1. Plumb ice cream

  2. Thai chili Doritos can be found in nearly every convenient store.

  3. Eggs aren’t refrigerated and “uncaged” seem to be the default option.

  4. Everyone hangs their laundry to dry.

  5. Ice cream is a typical movie theater treat.

And finally: Things that I’m desperately craving.

  1. Bhakti chai

  2. Tempeh Tusday

  3. Mad Greens. It has been unbelievably difficult to find a good salad place here! And even when I do, they typically only have one or maybe two vegetarian options.

  4. All things that remind me of home in some way. This is something that crept up subconsciously. For example: my family LOVES Mexican food and I have never really cared for it, so as a kid I spent many a family dinner just moving stuff around my plate. In the last few years I’ve picked up enough of a taste for the stuff that I can deal when I find myself at a Mexican restaurant, but since we’ve been here I’ve been positively loving the Mexican restaurant that we found. Is it just because they put soy sauce in their fajitas? Maybe. But perhaps there’s something more happening there.

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