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October Week 44 2015

Michael and I had a super fun Monday! Even though it was a national holiday (Labor Day), Michael had planned on working, but at the last minute he got the day off! We decided to make good use of our time and finally took a ferry to Waiheke Island. This is a place that I’ve heard about time and time again and the 45-minute commute seemed reasonable for a day trip, especially as the car traffic would have been terrible. Thankfully the sun was out, so we visited a couple vineyards (one that doubled as a brewery), spent some time at the beach, and enjoyed a walk through town.

For Halloween on Friday Michael and I went up to Matakana to watch The Rockey Horror Picture Show. On the way we stopped in a cute little beach town called Onewa where we had dinner and explored a little bit. After the movie we drove home and promptly went to sleep so that we could wake up at 5am to watch The All Blacks play in the rugby world cup. At half time we went out to a bar in order to get the full experience and we definitely did. It was painfully (and hilariously) obvious that everyone there was still out from Halloween night, but so much fun when NZ won! Even though most of the crowd could hardly stand they seemed to have no problems jumping around and cheering.

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