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November Week 48 2015

I’ve had a terrible sore throat since last weekend and had to take a day off of teaching this week, but I’m definitely on the mend! Luckily this was the week I decided to start re-reading the Harry Potter books, so at least I had something to do. On Wednesday, Michael and I went to Martha’s Backyard (the America store) to pick up some supplies for our mini thanksgiving next week. We also picked up some dill pickles and some junk food that we’ve been craving (BBQ chips and the like). On Friday Michael and I went to the opening of the Elam Grad Show (the art show for the school I’m at). Michael finally got to see my video piece up and running and I got to see the work that everyone else is doing. Overall the work is really high quality and we were both super impressed! On Sunday the Santa parade came through Auckland. There was a staging area set up right in front of our apartment and the parade started at the end of our block so we got to watch all of the weird Christmas floats with fake snow topped by people wearing shorts/sundresses. We ended our week with a picnic of fish and chips with some friends, which resulted in me getting dozens of bug bites, so I guess that marks the official start of summer.

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