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December Week 50 2015

Christmas time is really getting into full swing here! There are lights all over the city and lines out the door of the nearest department store of kids waiting to meet Santa. On Saturday there was a big event in the Domain called “Christmas in the Park” (or more accurately, “Coca-Cola’s Christmas in the Park”). I went with a couple friends and it reminded me so much of a state fair! There were thousands of people there, small rides, deep fried food, and a big stage where musical and dance acts took place. It was a lot of fun but definitely a little weird to hear traditional Christmas songs on a beautiful summer evening. That day was also Michael’s last shift at his second job at Academy Cinemas! He definitely had mixed feelings about leaving, but we’re both excited for him to work less than six or seven days a week.

On Sunday I had my Yogatech Christmas party and Michael had his Christmas party in Matakana! Staff Christmas parties are a big deal here so we’ve got another one of mine to look forward to next week. My party took place at the yoga studio and it was so much fun to talk to (and in some cases meet) the other yoga instructors until the late hours of the night (by Sunday’s standards at least).

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