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January Week 55 2016

Unfortunately this week was a rough transition back to reality after our vacation. The visa process has turned out to be more complicated than it was the first time around, which neither Michael nor myself expected. On top of this we had other business to attend to, including our lease being up mid February. This meant that we spent Wednesday giving fingerprints, getting chest x-rays, having blood drawn, and putting a deposit down on a new room (yay!). Even though it wasn’t the most fun way to spend my one day off, it was certainly productive. Fortunately we got to end the night introducing D&D to some friends!

On Saturday Michael and I went to a new park. We pass Western Springs Park every time we go to the zoo and I always comment on how beautiful it looks. Turns out it’s also full of birds! We saw a baby Pukeko (also known as an Australasian swamphen) and dozens of swans, ducks, chickens, etc. Then on Sunday we went to the Domain to have a picnic and listen to some jazz before I taught class.


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