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January Week 57 2016

This week got off to a great start with the AFC Championship game on Monday! On Tuesday Michael and I celebrated our anniversary by going see Mustang, a really amazing Turkish movie that you should all see, and then going to Denny’s for a pancake dinner. Wednesday morning we were invited to a pre-screening of a movie based on an old British sitcom called Dad’s Army, then had lunch at our favorite restaurant in Newmarket and walked home. That night we (finally) tried the Hare Krishna restaurant on K’rd and it was delicious (and cheap!)!

This weekend was a three-dayer because of Auckland Anniversary Day. On Saturday Michael went to see The Hateful Eight by himself while I went to a gigantic second hand clothing store with a friend. That night we saw yet another movie, Spotlight (it was fantastic!). On Sunday we spent the evening at the waterfront where the Auckland Symphony was playing a free concert!

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