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February Week 59 2016

This week just kept being busy. Monday was yet another public holiday so we got to watch the Broncos win the Super Bowl with some friends! It was so exciting and fun but I can’t believe it happened while we’re over seas! I definitely missed Colorado a little extra that day. Monday evening we continued organizing from our move and the week didn’t quiet down after that. Tuesday was straight back to work for Michael and I. I’m picking up a couple more classes and subbing a bit so my next day off isn’t until March 13. On Thursday night we drove to the airport to pick up Ashlee who’s known Michael since high school.

Michael had to be in Matakana all day Friday and most of the day Saturday so Ashlee and I hung around Auckland. Friday we went to the zoo then took a little wonder around the city on our way to yoga. On Saturday we walked around our neighborhood then Michael picked us up to see The Danish Girl at our new nearest movie theater (it was amazing, btw). Then we walked up Mount Eden where we took in a beautiful sunset. For dinner that night we went to my new favorite Chinese restaurant (we finally found one that has a few veggie options!). Sunday was Ashlee’s birthday and Michael and I had planned to take her to the Holi Festival of Colors. It was beautiful and fun as last year and the food was delicious as Hare Krishna food always is. I unfortunately had to go to work after that but we all met up, freshly showered, for dinner at our favorite Thai place in Parnell. We ended the night with some sparkling wine in our new backyard picnic area.

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