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March Week 62 2016

Back to school week! And I got a nice surprise; this whole time I’ve been thinking my program started on the first, but it actually started on the second, so I got an extra day to do pretty much nothing (and it was awesome). That night Michael and I walked up Mount Eden, which ended up taking less than twenty minutes from our front door. Wednesday was a long (but good) day. I had to leave for school quite early because the busses get so crowded this time of year that they often fill up on the way into the city. Nothing too exciting happens on the first day, but I am getting excited to get back into my art practice. I got some studio time in on Friday but the more immediate priority is writing my research proposal so I guess that’s mostly what I’ll be working on for the next week.

On Thursday evening we decided to walk up to Mount Eden, which it turns out takes less than twenty minutes from our front door. It’s quickly turned into one of my favorite places so I’m happy to know it’s so close! Friday night Michael and I went to see The Jesus and Mary Chain at a nearby concert venue (AND we even wore earplugs; I know my dad will be proud). We haven’t been to hardly any concerts since we’ve been here because tickets are just so much more expensive, but this one was definitely worth it. On Sunday I taught a class at Lululemon, then had the day off! I’m still getting used to this since, until a week ago I was teaching every Sunday.

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