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April Week 69 2016

Monday was a day for errands. I bought an electric kettle for our room so now I have my tea station set up! Michael’s even a little excited about it (no he’s not). I had the week off school, but that really didn’t change anything except that I got to sleep in on Wednesday (and I couldn’t use the photo studio). Over the weekend we had some friends over and the four of us walked up to the top of Mount Eden. I think it’s still my favorite place in the whole city.

Since we moved to Auckland Michael and I have really enjoyed the diverse selection of food. There’s lots great Indian and Thai food and Auckland’s unofficial Chinatown is now just a few blocks away. There are lots of restaurants around that specialize in dumplings, meaning that many of them offer a vegetarian option. Ever since I made this discovery I have been obsessed with them, going out for dumplings at least once a week (there’s a great place just a couple blocks away)! This week ended in the best way possible: with a dumpling feast for Sunday night dinner followed by some beers with our friend, Gabi.

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