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May Week 71 2016

This week was pretty boring, just work and school stuff. The weekend, however, was a lot of fun. A temporary replica of the Globe Theater was built in downtown Auckland a few months ago and a theater company has been putting on Shakespeare plays there. Since Michael and I got back from Australia, we’ve really been watching our spending in an attempt to recoup some of our losses (that were sooo so worth it), so we decided not to buy tickets. Luckily for us though, it was so popular that more shows were added and we’d saved up enough money that we decided to go for it. Saturday afternoon we saw Twelfth Night at the Pop-Up Globe and it was hilarious! We were on the ground right in front of the stage where traditionally the common folk stood, so that made it an especially cool experience.

After that we picked up some friends and drove to Piha to meet some other friends. That night we had a big delicious dinner and then played card games. The next morning I woke up pretty early and a few of us went on a lovely beach walk, then we all went on a short hike to Kitekite Falls.

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