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July Week 82 2016

The first few days back were a bit rough for both Michael and I. Even though it was ultimately a good thing to jump right back in to our Auckland routine, it made sleep pretty scarce. By Wednesday I was finally able to carry on actual conversations, which was good because it was my first day back at school after break. Michael’s volunteering at the NZIFF took up a lot of time, but for every shift he volunteers he gets a free ticket that he can give to anyone he wants, so I was able to catch a movie one day when he was working. I saw a Korean film called, “The Handmaiden,” directed by Park Chan-wook. Usually it’s not the kind of movie I would go for (thriller, violence, lots of fake blood), but something about the description made it sound too interesting to resist and I totally loved it. P.S. I have been seriously failing at taking pictures for fun this year so here’s another picture from Europe.

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