July Week 83 2016

This was the week of movies. My favorite was a doco called, “Fire at Sea,” about refugees coming to a small Sicilian ocean town. On Tuesday Michael went to a dinner where his cinema won several awards, including best overall business in the area. The rest of the week went on as usual until Saturday, when I taught a yoga class as part of my school project. The idea was to use a yoga mat only once so I bought a bunch of cheap yoga mats and then collected them up after to be hung on a wall (it’s ok if that doesn’t make any sense/sound remotely interesting to you). Sunday Michael and I saw another documentary called, “Under the Sun,” that was filmed in North Korea. The original intent of the movie was to be a propaganda film, but the filmmakers were backing up footage that North Korea thought they were erasing. The result was a weird mix between actors awkwardly spouting out lines about the health benefits of kimchi or the cowardice of Americans, and a “behind the scenes” look at exactly how calculated each line of dialogue actually was. That night we saw another movie, “Paterson,” that was also pretty good.

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