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August Week 85 2016

Another meh week (and still no new pictures). On Tuesday I tried to reserve a camera from the online loan out system at uni and received a message that my account had been suspended. When I enquired as to why I was told that I had been suspended for four weeks because of my car being stolen with school equipment inside. Don’t worry though, I was assured that I’m not being punished, I’ve just “lost a privilege.” Later that day we got a call from the mechanic who told us that our car is unfortunately totaled. Even though there wasn’t a lot of external damage, apparently there was some damage in the engine or transmission (they didn’t actually say). Later in the week we finally received some good news: I would be getting $4150 for the car that I paid $3000 for.

Because of the lack of car, Michael took a bus up to work and stayed there from Wednesday afternoon through to Friday evening.

This weekend I had my 300 hr training. We learned about yin and restorative yoga and it was so much fun; probably my favorite one yet!

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