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August Week 86 2016

We bought a car this week! On Thursday we went to a car lot and picked up a car quite similar to the one that was stolen with one MAJOR difference: this one is a manual. Michael has never in his life driven a stick shift before, so that’s what we worked on over the weekend. He learned incredibly quickly. We spent Friday working on starts, and by Saturday he drove us all the way up to Matakana and only stalled once!

The rest of the week was pretty standard. I had a critique with a visiting artist on Wednesday that was really helpful. I also played netball that night with Michael as the team was in desperate need of female players! On Saturday we went to Matakana for dinner at Michael’s bosses house. Sunday morning I drove home and by late afternoon we were watching Rick and Morty with a bunch of our flat mates (we ended up marathoning the entire first season!).

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