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August Week 88 2016

This was the first week of a two-week break from uni. Even though I still have to work on my project, it’s a relief to not have to go in to school for a bit. I used my time off on Wednesday to walk up Mount Eden and enjoy the sun that’s finally starting to appear more regularly! Michael’s still playing netball once or twice a week and I joined him on Wednesday night. Friday night we went to see Giselle, a ballet put on by the Royal New Zealand Ballet. It was really cool, even though we had the cheapest seats available. Saturday night we went out with a few of our flat mates and friends to see Swiss Army Man. Michael had seen it at NZIFF and loved it, so he insisted on sharing it with as many people as possible. It was weird and dark and funny, and by the next morning I had pretty much decided that I liked it.

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