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September Week 91-November Week 98 2016

Weeellll, I majorly dropped the ball this time, BUT no one wants to read about the minutia of my essay writing, errand running, and weekly breakdowns that come with finishing a grad program anyway. In the last couple months I’ve done a lot of writing (my thesis paper had to be submitted mid October) and a lot of work on my project, which was mostly due on Monday, though I had some loose ends to tie up on Wednesday morning. Overall I’m feeling good, even proud, about what I did this year. Even my advisor seemed to approve of my work by the end of the year, a refreshing change of pace from last semester.

Then Wednesday night happened and the election was the worst and I’m not going to say anything more than that except that I’m thankful for all of the support and lack of ridicule we have received from our friends, flat mates, and other random kiwis. This weekend was my last weekend of my yoga training. It feels like a big accomplishment but it’s definitely bitter sweet to be done!

Recently our flat started doing international dinners, so once a week we have from a different country. Michael and I are doing thanksgiving on the 25th of this month. Other things that have happened in the last 8 weeks: Michael and I played lots of D&D, we had a pirate themed birthday party for one of our flat mates, went to the Doctor Strange premier, I died my hair blonde and dressed as Julian Assange for Halloween, and our car broke down but was fixed shortly after.

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