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December Week 101 2016

Back to the U.S.! On Wednesday we flew all the way back to Colorado where my parents picked us up and drove us to FoCo. I can’t really describe how weird it was to be back in our old hometown (and in my old house!). We hung out with my family for a little bit then drove to Loveland to see Michael’s family. That night we had a make up Thanksgiving with both families. On Thursday we spent some time checking out the “new” mall, then bummed around Old Town for a bit. On Friday My parents drove us up to Steamboat for my cousin Bryan’s wedding. Friday night was the flannel-themed cocktail party where we saw Michael’s little brother Charlie for the first time. On Saturday we went to lunch with Charlie, then prepared for the wedding. The ceremony was at the hotel we were staying at (outside of course), and then we all took the gondola up the mountain for pictures, then the reception. I really can’t express how beautiful and amazing it was to be at the ski area in a dress eating a fancy meal.

Sunday morning after breakfast we drove back to Fort Collins. That night I got to hang out with an old friend, Kindra while Michael was competing in (and ultimately winning) a pinball tournament.

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