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December Week 102 2016

This was such a fantastic week! On Monday I went to Élan for some yoga and ran into quite a few amazing people (the yoga class was also amazing)! After a delicious lunch at Lark Burger, Michael had a meeting with Ben regarding his potential job at the Lyric (we hadn’t yet decided if we were going to stay in NZ or move back to FoCo). That night we had dinner at the Melting Pot with Johny B., then met up with a bunch of friends for chatting and drinks. Even though it was a bitter cold night, I was truly touched by the number of people who showed up (and in some cases, the distance they drove to be there). We closed down Trailhead that night, but hardly slept in the next day. Tuesday morning we met up with Michael’s parents in Loveland to do some shopping. Michael ended up getting a haircut, then we went to his house to say farewell-for-now to his dogs. That night we went to Élan again (yay, more yoga!), then to dinner with some friends at Young’s where I totally (seriously) pigged out on delicious westernized Vietnamese food.

On Wednesday we tried to complete our lists by having a tasting at Odell Brewery, eating lunch at BCB, and enjoying a beer at the Ramskeller. That night my grandma made my favorite meal and Michael’s parents came over to enjoy it with us.

We woke up early Thursday morning to drive to the airport. On our way there we met up with my Grandpa Reid and Grandma Elaine for a quick breakfast. The flight to Ontario, CA was easy, then we drove for a couple hours to La Quinta, the small resort town where my cousin Nathan’s wedding was to be held. Not wanting to waste time, we spent Friday afternoon picking up my little sister from the Palm Springs Airport, then driving through Joshua Tree National Park. The rock formations were breath taking (and super fun to climb on), and we even got to see the sun set there. That night was the wedding cocktail party and Mexican buffet.

Saturday was the day of the wedding and the weather couldn’t have been better. The wedding was in the afternoon on a golf course with the desert mountains serving as a backdrop, but the reception went later than we could stay up! Between delicious food and a live band, we did manage quite a few hours of fun though. Sunday morning we enjoyed brunch with the family, then an afternoon pool party with the bridal party.

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